Two volu sol bottle stains

VOLU-SOL Hematology Stat Stain, Rapid Staining Wright Giemsa


Volu-sol rapid staining formulations, Stat and Statim, to give stain times as fast as 15 seconds.


Product Description

This product is ideal for Stat, routine or back-up staining.  Volu-Sol has developed the proprietary mixture Stat Stain to rapidly stain blood smear (10-15 seconds) and bone marrow (20-30 seconds).  Our unique manufacturing process generates finely dispersed stain particles which yield excellent color intensity and morphological differentiation.  This stain eliminates many of the steps involved in the Wright-Giemsa staining procedure; it includes the buffer within the stain, allowing use of deionized or distilled water as a buffer and rinse.

Procedure step elimination and shortened staining times make “manual methods” faster than “automated” systems, requiring very little technologist time.  Blood smears take less than a minute from start to finish with distilled or deionized water as a suitable buffer and rinse.

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32 fl Oz, 1 Gal (128 fl Oz)


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