fast run buffer solution

Tris SDS PAGE Running Buffer, FASTRun, 10X


Compatible with Tris-Glycine SDS (SDS-PAGE) chemistry whether you buy premade or pour your own (PYO) polyacrylamide gels


Product Description


  • Cut the time you spend waiting for your SDS PAGE gels to finish by over 70% while providing comparable or better clarity over traditional buffers
  • Novel buffer chemistry gives you better resolution, thus requiring fewer TG gel compositions to fully resolve a protein.

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Fisher Scientific


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pH 7.7 to 8.3 (1X/10X soln. at 25°C)
Synonym Denaturing Buffer
CAS 7732-18-5,151-21-3,77-86-1
Conductivity 2 to 3 mS/cm ( 1X Solution at 25°C)
Physical Form Liquid
Clarity clear, no visible precipitates
Packaging Poly
Quantity 500mL
Color Colorless to Light Yellow
Grade Protein Electrophoresis