Calibration Services

When it comes to the complexity of medical, clinical, and instrument calibration, it takes the expertise of a highly skilled medical device calibration company to achieve the strict medical industry specifications. At Diagnolab, Inc, we strive to provide superior medical device calibration services to ensure that the diagnostics and functions of our customers’ medical equipment are consistently providing them with reliable and accurate information. With experienced technicians and stringent quality assurance procedures implemented throughout the medical equipment calibration process, we are well-prepared to mitigate any issues during the calibration of medical and clinical equipment. All Calibrations are N.I.S.T traceable and come with certifications that are in compliance with ISO 9001 Standards.

The full spectrum of our capabilities include: Autoclave, Baby Scale, Balance Beam Scale, Bed/Patient Lift Scale, Blood Pressure Monitor, Centrifuge, Chair Scale, Column Scale, Density Meter, EKG, Handrail Scale, Hemo Meter, High Capacity Scale, In-Floor Scale, Incubator, Microscope, Oven, PH Meter, Pediatric Scale Table, Pipette, Platform Scale, Portable Scale, Precision Scale, Pressure Gauge, Refrigerator, Remote Display Scale, Stretcher Scale, Temperature Gauge, Test Sieve, Thermometer (infrared), Toddler Scale, Urine Analysis, Vacuum Scale, Water Bath, Wellness Monitor, Wheelchair Scale.




At Diagnolab, Inc, we take great pride in our customized services to accommodate the customer’s individual needs. With our skilled and certified medical calibration technicians, we can comply with any customer request and ensure testing and calibration of medical equipment are carried out to excellent standards within a particular time frame. We offer medical equipment calibration and testing, servicing clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, dentists, and many more medical fields.

When it comes to the difficulty of medical equipment calibration, it requires the expertise of a highly trained medical device calibration company to attain the rigid medical specifications. At Diagnolab, Inc, we endeavor to deliver superior medical equipment calibration services to make certain that the diagnostics and capabilities of our customers’ medical equipment are persistently keeping them accurate and reliable information. We recognize that any error with a medical device can bring about misdiagnosis, inaccurate dispense of medications, inaccurate readings, and a host of other conditions that you can’t afford to make particularly with regards to patient safety.

With skilled techs and strict quality assurance procedures implemented through the entire medical equipment calibration process, we are well-ready to mitigate any issues throughout the calibration of medical devices, and deliver our customers with the advantages of:

• Highly-skilled and trained technicians using the expertise to calibrate specifications of a broad range of medical devices from all leading manufacturers.

• Sustain ISO certifications and utilizing guidelines for medical equipment calibration which will meet FDA and ISO guidelines.

• Guarantee that each calibration of medical devices is accomplished to the highest standards using state-of-the-art testing equipment in a controlled environment.

Diagnolab, Inc. ensures that you have complete self-confidence within the overall performance of all your medical devices. You can be sure our specialist and skilled medical calibration technical team will provide you the finest quality of service available.


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