greiner serological pipettes

Greiner CELLSTAR® Serological Pipettes


Greiner Polystyrene Paper/Plastic Serological Pipettes


Product Description

Greiner pipettes are precision extruded from the highest quality, optical-grade polystyrene. All volumes are identified by the standard international color code convention. Accuracy is maintained by high surface polish, both internally and externally, to reduce meniscus formation and ensure complete liquid expulsion with minimum carry-over.

Precision is aided by fine-line graduation printing providing accuracy of better than ±2%.

• 1 mL, 2 mL and 5 mL sizes incorporate drawn tips while larger sizes feature molded tips to provide maximum accuracy
• Packed individually, then double packed for extra protection
• Designed to fit all standard pipetting devices
• Cotton plugged for safety
• Sterilized by γ-irradiation
• DNase, RNase & human DNA free


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