SAFE-D-Spense urine container

Fisherbrand™ SAFE-D-Spense™ 24-Hour Urine Container


With dripless pour spout


Product Description

  • Improved engravings and new cap assure precise measuring and dispensing of urine samples
  • Precision-made, fine pour spout allows for transferring small quantities of sample into small containers
  • Captive spout cap prevents cross-contamination and cap loss
  • Amber color for UV protection
  • 3000mL capacity

Additional Information


Fisherbrand™ SAFE-D-Spense™


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Capacity (Metric) 3000mL
Graduation Marks Yes
Cap Type Dripless pour spout
Color Amber
Material Polyethylene
Quantity 40 Case
Product Type 24 Hour Urine Container