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Stockwell Scientific 5 ml & 10 ml Screw Cap Transport Vials


Transport Vials With Screw Cap. Non/Sterile: 250/Bag, 1000/Case, Sterile: 500 (20 X 50)/Case


Product Description

The Stockwell Scientific transport vial with screw cap features volume graduations for precise measurements and accurate volumetric analysis. Equipped with a molded-in sealing ring, it protects the contents and prevents them from spilling out. With a write onn area provided at the side, it allows easy labeling of your tubes for efficient storage.

Additional Information


500/Case, 1000/Case, 250/Pack, 500(20 bags 0f 25) Sterlie


5 ml tube white cap, 10 ml Tube white cap, 5 ml tube red cap, 10 ml tube red cap, 5 ml tube blue cap, 10 ml tube blue cap, 5 ml tube green cap, 10 ml tube green cap, 5 ml tube yellow cap, 10 ml tube yellow cap


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